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So useful to hear about daffs which are good for perennial planting. I already have Tête à Tête, but wasn't aware of Elka. I've seen bulbicodium in other gardens, but am not keen on the flower shape.

I've lost count of the number of daffs, both large and small which I've planted in pots and the garden over the years, that have failed to flower again after the first year. The only small daff, other than Tête à Tête, that I've had success in the garden with is Jetfire.

Even Narcissus Pseudonarcissus has failed to do much. I planted 40 bulbs a few years ago and this Spring, we have about 10 flowers!

I've fed them after flowering, left the leaves to die down, tried different spots in the garden, but still struggle to get a reliable display.

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Loving all these little teeny-tinies

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