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Thanks so much for the reply. I do remember something happening with the platform and thought I’d done the necessary to continue at the slightly higher rate (on Substack? - their repeated sign-in requirements regularly put my head in a spin, I’m afraid). But as long as everything’s fine.

By the way, I really like your autumn-merging-into-winter photos. The damp, the fog, skeletal trees, colours of decay, the sense of quiet. It’s a beautiful time and exciting with buds for next year already peeping up on plants given up for dead in the hot summer.

I take slight exception with you on a non-gardening matter - ‘ghastly fleeces’. We never get on top of our clothes moth problem here. In our big, warm apartment block they are to the indoors areas what Mrs Vine Weevil is to the outside ones. I don’t have an intact woollen jumper, but those cosy fleeces made from plastic bottles resist everything!



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Thanks for another set of beautiful snaps and info.

My message tonight isn’t actually a comment. Apologies in advance if I should have used a different contact method. I looked for one.

I had an odd email at 10.08 today saying that I’ve cancelled my subscription with you. I can’t find any other way of contacting you about it apart from clicking on mail links in the email itself, which I’m loathe to do in case it’s a scam. I certainly don’t want to cancel my subscription!

Below is a copy of the text I received (I’ve asterisked out my own email address).



« Your membership at Jack Wallington Garden Design Ltd. has been CANCELLED

Dear ianrusper,

Your membership at Jack Wallington Garden Design Ltd. has been cancelled.

Account: ianrusper (************************)

Membership Level: Annual subscription

If you did not request this cancellation and would like more information please contact us at contact@jackwallington.com


Jack Wallington Garden Design Ltd. »

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